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Helping your business with a custom plan that lowers your taxes

Phoenix CPA specializing in small business owner tax and accounting

Is your business efficient with how it is taxed? 

Are you confident what you will owe each year?

Is your accountant helping you create a successful future?

If your answer to any of these questions is “no,” consider a consultation with Harding CPA. Because answering “no” means that you are likely paying more in taxes than necessary. Without a change, your financial goals are suffering.

Most businesses don’t have a tax plan...

Business owners have a difficult job. Running a business shouldn’t be made more difficult by paying more than necessary to the government each year. 


It’s no wonder business owners are feeling burnt out. More cash may be going out of businesses than necessary.

Keep more of your money with a custom tax plan

We work with business owners to create a tax plan that is tailor made for your business. We help you understand where tax liability can be reduced. Then we execute that plan to make sure your business is not paying more than necessary.

It's worth having a plan

Some of our customers are able to save tens of thousands of dollars in taxes within a three year stretch. Having a plan saves you money.

Most businesses are inefficient with their tax situation

Your money isn't working for your business if too much of it is going to the government. If you miss out on opportunities to reduce your taxes, you are losing out on the ability to reinvest in your business.

Make your money work for you

Creating tax efficiency enables you to grow faster and keep more of your profits. We can help you find ways to structure how money flows in your business so less leaves your pocket each year.

Most businesses don’t know what their taxes will be this year

Not knowing your tax liability at the end of the year can cause anxiety. It keeps people up at night, wondering, “how much will I owe in taxes this year?” When an unexpected tax bill comes, it can crush business owners as they work to pay the government off as soon as possible.

Know how much you will be taxed next year

Instead of ball-parking, you can know what your tax liability will be for next year - with a tax plan. Yes, your tax liability may change due to how much you make. But with a plan, you can accurately forecast your tax bill.

Most businesses miss out on accounting that delivers results

Without an accounting structure that works well for your business, higher taxes aren’t the only problem for your business. Businesses without a good accounting structure experience issues with cash flow, understanding customer/project profitability, and more. 

Know your numbers. Create a path for success.

We help business owners develop excellent financials, which deliver more insight into how your business works. Putting an accounting structure in place is a prerequisite for long term, sustainable growth. And clear financials are especially critical if you ever hope to sell your business.

Is the Harding CPA approach different than other accountants? 

Harding CPA has a different approach. We look at your business holistically.

We take the time to get to know you and your business so that together we can develop a plan - not just check boxes. That plan helps you identify different ways in which your business can save money. 


Depending on your business, that savings may help you achieve your goals much faster. More cash on hand. More confidence when tax season comes around. Less stress. 

How much is your current accounting and tax situation costing you?

Your current situation may be costing you more than you’d like to admit. If your taxes and other accounting variables are unknown to you most of the time, you may be paying for it in cash and in stress. Each year this isn’t understood, your business suffers - because even if you are making money, you could be doing so much better.


The compounding impact of pushing off quality tax and accounting help may end up costing you tens of thousands - even hundreds of thousands of dollars - in a few short years. 


The health of your business depends on you.

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Over the years, Joe Harding has had the pleasure of working with entrepreneurial business owners and organizations. He has learned to listen to each business owner's unique situation to provide solutions targeted to a specific challenge or goal. Joe has worked for PwC and several Phoenix CPA firms, and brings his years of experience to help people achieve their business and personal goals. A native of Arizona, he received his undergraduate degrees in accountancy and finance and a Master of Accountancy degree from Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business.


Schedule A Consultation

Choose a time that works for you. Let's talk about your unique challenges & goals 


Create Your Plan

We come up with a customized  plan aligned to address your unique situation


Implement your plan

Together, we implement your unique plan to achieve your desired results 


Raimie Bateman, Executive Director - Teach The Story

Joe has saved me invaluable time. His attention to detail and honesty is why we trust him with our non-profit.

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