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4 Ways CrossFit Has Helped Me Become A Better Professional

You may be thinking, “Great, just another CrossFitter letting everyone know they do CrossFit.” But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. My roommate in grad school belonged to a box, but listening to him talking about it drove me nuts. Also, I couldn’t believe the membership price thinking it was a rip-off. There was fruit stacked for juicing, chicken, bacon and piles of avocados. This was ridiculous. “My gym membership is just fine,” I remember thinking.

Fast forward to marriage, kids and a career as a CPA. Working long hours primarily sitting down in front of a computer screen was beginning to take a toll. Being in my mid-thirties, I have become increasingly aware that I am no spring chicken. To add insult to injury, my wife once told me that the dad bod was actually in style; ouch!

I have always enjoyed being active, but my increasing responsibility began keeping me from doing much outside of work and family. I was throwing money at a gym membership that I didn’t use and regretting that I didn’t go.

My wife finally talked me in to trying out a local box in Phoenix, Chuckwalla, in January of this year as they had a free week incentive (I sent my old roommate a text that Hell had frozen over). It was humbling, and I felt muscles sore I didn’t know existed. On a brighter note, I noticed new people joining for similar reasons.

I will admit that I am quite awful at most of the CrossFit movements, but the coaches and others have motivated me to do better. After going for several months now, I began to realize other benefits outside of finally getting this dad bod moving again.

1. It saves me time. Chuckwalla is within five minutes of my house and I show up with a set workout in place. There is really no wasting time and the coaches will let you know when you need to move on.

2. I feel more energetic during the day, and I get better sleep at night, which allows me to better focus on my work.

3. It’s motivating. You workout and huff and puff around the same people, which creates a common bond among everyone there. Rather than go into a gym where people are literally on the phone and texting, everyone is doing the same workout. I have found being motivated in one area translates to motivation in other areas. This couldn’t be more helpful especially as a CPA!

4. It’s helping me to achieve new goals. There are movements that I can’t do right now, but I am sweating off weight, gaining strength and learning techniques so that one day I can do something called a “muscle-up”. This then helps me to think about setting other personal and professional goals.

I am not advocating that CrossFit is the only way to go, but as a busy professional it sure has been a blessing to me.

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