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Outsource your business' CFO function with a Phoenix CPA.

Save Money.

Get Results.

Need the next level of accounting and financial help?

Does your financial data miss the mark?

Is cash flow becoming more difficult to manage?

Is it getting harder to know where your business is profitable?

Put your company in a better financial position with an outsourced CFO on your side.


To begin learning how an outsourced CFO could benefit your business, schedule a call with us.


Together, we'll create a plan that sets your company up for financial success.


Your business will have affordable access to CFO-quality finances. Let's get your business on a better track!

How Outsourced CFO Services Help YOU


Raimie Bateman, Executive Director - Teach The Story

Joe has saved me invaluable time. His attention to detail and honesty is why we trust him with our non-profit.

Capital Structure

How are you funding the next stage of growth? How will your finances help you weather the next season? Are you keeping the right balance of debt and equity for your business?

We help you create a structure that is unique to your business. This structure keeps your business financially steady. It also helps potential purchasers of your business understand its value. 

Your structure keeps your stress low, your vendors happy, your employees secure, and your customers served.

Timely and Accurate Reporting

Are you confident in your cash position? Do you know how your company performed last month? Are your reports helping you make informed decisions about your company's path forward?

Through timely and accurate reporting, you can know your company's financial position better than ever. You can know which products, services, or customers are most profitable - and which aren't. 

Reporting is like having the lights turned on to your business. With the right reports in place, you can lead with confidence. 

Strategy and Forecasting

What will your business bring in next month? Next year? Are you able to maximize on annual trends, and pivot to take advantage of growth opportunities? 

Having an outsourced CFO gives you access to better business strategy. You can plan new hiring. You can add products and services - or refine what you offer. 

With proper forecasting in place, you can adjust your strategy to have your best year yet. 

What's Your Investment?

If your business is missing the CFO function, you are likely missing out on massive financial opportunity. Not knowing your numbers may lead to lost profits, stagnant business, increasing stress, and declining morale. 

But most businesses don't have the money to hire a full-time, quality CFO. They miss out on all of the benefits because the position seems impossible to fill. 

Your business doesn't have to be like most. You can get the benefits, without the cost of a professional-level employee. Consider outsourcing the CFO function to a Phoenix CPA.


Schedule your call to discuss this service with us.


Over the years, Joe Harding has had the pleasure of working with families, entrepreneurial business owners, and organizations. He values listening - when you speak with him, he'll want to know your unique situation so he can provide solutions targeted to your specific challenges or goals. Joe has worked for PwC and several Phoenix CPA firms, and brings his years of experience to help you achieve your business and personal goals. A native of Arizona, he received his undergraduate degrees in accountancy and finance and a Master of Accountancy degree from Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business.

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