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Accelerate Your Agency's Goals 

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Timely Financial Statements

We help you develop a system that provides you with timely and accurate financial statements. This will help instill confidence in your overall general operations. 

Project Costing/Profitability

Are you looking to improve your company's profit margins? Financial statements give you a general picture of your Agency's financial performance; however, they don't provide insight on each project you tackle. Implementing project costing will give you better insight on individual projects, enable you to become more profitable overall and instill confidence in bidding on future projects.

We help you answer the following: ​

  • ​Which types of projects and clients are most profitable and which ones are we losing money on?

  • What is our profitability, down to the dollar, for each project and client?

  • Which clients and/or projects should we be pursuing?

  • Do we need to negotiate higher fees for any of our current clients?

Utilization/Realization Tracking

The biggest investment you will most likely make is in human capital. Therefore, you need to be able to capture ROI in this investment. We help you develop a way to track employee utilization and realization rates to help you achieve your agency's objectives and goals. 

We help you answer the following: ​

  • Which employees are best helping us achieve our company's objectives?

  • Do we have capacity to take one a project?

  • Are we actually billing for all billable work?

Tax Strategy

We work with marketing agencies to save thousands of dollars on taxes every year. We also file your business and personal income tax returns.

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