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Schedule Your 20 Minute Call with Joe, Your Employee Retention Tax Credit Expert and CPA

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About The Employee Retention Tax Credit 

In 2021, Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. This law allowed businesses that received PPP loans to also receive the Employee Retention Credit. 

For some business owners who maintained staff during the pandemic, they are now rewarded by qualifying for the Employee Retention Credit. This credit is rightly owed to many businesses who kept paying employees in the midst of full or partial shutdown or reduction in gross receipts.

For example, one restaurant was able to keep employees on despite major restrictions by the government. Harding CPA helped this business apply for the credit, and they received over $260,000 in tax credits. Now, they have been able make major renovations to their building and take the business to new heights. 

This kind of credit is not unheard of! Another business helped by Harding CPAs is now expecting a check for over $250,000.

How Harding CPA is Different

No Contingency Fees

Some companies charge contingency fees if you seek their help to file an application for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. This means when you are paid, they make 10%, 15%, even 30% of the credit! For the examples above, this would mean those companies make between $26k to $78k - leaving you with substantially less money from the credit. 

Harding CPAs only charges a professional fee - saving you thousands, even tens of thousands!

Joe Harding is a CPA

Other companies helping with the Employee Retention Credit are not required to be CPAs! That means they do not have to adhere to normal professional or ethical guidelines. And, because they are not CPAs, they may not have the expertise to help you understand tax implications when receiving the credit. 

Harding CPA will help you understand what changes you need to make to prior years' tax returns so you don't end up with a surprise tax bill!

We are Local!

Harding CPA has been in business here in the Valley since 2017. This means that you can meet in person if needed. Our business is built on relationships and trust. Unlike the "ERC Mills" prevalent right now, we will be here even after the Employee Retention Tax Credit expires! 

What to Expect When You Schedule a Call

In your 20 minute phone call, you will learn...

1) What the employee retention tax credit is...

2) If you likely qualify to receive the credit...

3) Next steps to move forward in applying for the credit...


We make this whole process very easy! After all, this credit should be a blessing to you and your business - not a headache.

April 30 Deadline
Don't Miss Out

On April 30, portions of the tax credit end...

Joe has helped many business owners with this credit...

Some have received over $260,000 in credits that were rightfully owed. 

How much are you owed?

Schedule now to start the process and find out!

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