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Law Firm Practice Management &

IOLTA Reconciliations

Timely Financial Statements

We help you develop a system that provides you with timely and accurate financial statements. This will help instill confidence in your general operations 

Job Costing

Financial statements give you a general picture of your law firm's financial performance; however, they don't provide insight on each case you tackle. Implementing job costing will give you better insight on individual cases and enable you to become more profitable overall.

Utilization/Realization Tracking

The biggest investment you will most likely make is in human capital. Therefore, you need to be able to capture ROI in this investment. We help you develop a way to track attorney and other employees utilization and realization rates to help you achieve your law firm's objectives and goals. 

IOLTA Reconciliations

We help you generate monthly 3-Way IOLTA reconciliations in a timely manner.

Tax Strategy

We work with law firms to save thousands of dollars on taxes every year. We also file your business and personal income tax returns.

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