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Accounting & Finance

As your business grows and faces new challenges, let us help you take control of your accounting and finance function. We understand time is precious; therefore, you should have access to your financials and special reports on a timely basis. You may not be large enough to employ a full time controller or CFO; that is where we fill in. Whether it's temporary or long term, we want to see you through your business goals.

Outsourced CFO

Cash is King. Therefore, we work with you to obtain more cash through increased profitability and assistance in obtaining financing. This first means that we get your financials in order for banking requirements and KPI analysis. We can also evaluate other areas for increased profitability such as job and project costing, automated business solutions and tax minimization strategies. 

In addition, we can help you find cost effective solutions for risk minimization for those unforeseen circumstances that can drain your company's resources.

We also provide a host of other services such as strategic planning, budgeting, cash flow management, succession planning and merger & acquisitions.

Outsourced Controller

Need to get financials and special reports issued in a timely manner? We can see the whole process through or work with your staff. Either way, you will have financials ready for review on the day you set.


A company utilizing spreadsheets should seriously consider QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online or Xero. A company who is outgrowing QuickBooks or Xero because you need more robust reporting such as multi-entity & location and consolidated reporting should seriously consider a more robust product such as Sage Intaact. We will make sure your bookkeeping is falling in line with your company's reporting objectives so that you can obtain accurate financials in a timely manner. 


We can handle your payroll for any frequency you determine: weekly, every other week, bi-monthly or monthly. We ensure you remain compliant with timely tax payments as well as quarterly and annual federal and state filings. 

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